Forrester™ | Careers

Forrester is the leader in small business services, and we are looking for the world's best and brightest to come learn and grow with us. We are seeking individuals who are goal focused with an eye on what is important in our business, and that is the client.

We are in a fast paced industry and we seek individuals who understand and thrive in this environment. You must be able to stay up to date on the latest industry related topics and platforms to stay ahead of the curve.

Currently we have positions in the following areas available:

Vice President/Editor-In-Chief:

The Office of the Editor-In-Chief is responsible for coordinating creative writers for blog post, web content, press releases and news releases. The editor is responsible for all published content for Forrester and it’s clients.

As an Editor-In-Chief, you must posses a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Journalism, English and/or Media & Communications. We also require that you have at least two years of experience in working for a newspaper or magazine publication.

Creative Writer:

As a Creative Writer, you will work directly with the Editor-In-Chief to write keyword rich content for our blogs, websites, press releases, news releases and certain social media posts.

You must be well versed in writing blog posts, web page content, press releases, news releases and certain social media posts for both the corporation and the clients. All content will be geared in a fashion to be captivating to our audiences either for sales or to gain followers.

As part of your job directive you must review written materials, submit for approval, and revise written material to meet company standards and satisfy the needs of our clients.

As a Creative Writer, you must posses a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Journalism, English and/or Media & Communications.

Vice President/Social Media Officer (S.M.O.):

As a Social Media Officer for Forrester, you will coordinate with the content and public relations division and our graphics department when creating a post. At Forrester, we just don’t post to provide a useless message to the public. We calculate our posts to coordinate with the current topics surrounding politics, world and national news, weather and natural disasters. We stay relative to what is trending all around the world, so we need to know that you can keep up with this fast pace environment.

Before applying, you might want to consider what we (at Forrester) will be looking for: an individual that has a strong online presence and that is in control of their search engine page results. We are also looking for someone with experience in creating content (posts) that have turned “Likes” into customers (Conversion Marketers).

We require our candidates to have a Bachelor’s Degree (or Higher) in Communication & Media, Public Relations and/or Political Science.

Having a fundamental knowledge of content curation and publication through the following platforms is not required, but a plus Kudani, Twitterfeed and Hootsuite.

Vice President/Web Development:

As a web Developer for Forrester™, you are the individual that has to work with our client to capture his/her vision of how they would like their company to appear online. In the meantime, you have to maintain all that was taught to you about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keep in compliance with corporate practices and policies.

We require that you have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in web development and/or internet engineering. We prefer you to have at least two years of experience in web development (either as an intern or a freelancer) in the following areas: Wordpress, Dreamweaver, HTML and general code writing.

As the Vice President of Web Development, you will be in charge of other developers. In addition to maintaining corporate culture and practices in the work labeled for the corporation, you will also have to instill these values and practices to your subordinates. So, proper managerial and communication skills are required.

Vice President/Chief Legal Officer (C.L.O.):

As the Vice President & Chief Legal Officer of Forrester™, you will be the head of our legal department that governs our compliance with local, state and federal agencies for both Forrester™ and it's subsidiaries, you will also play a vital role in our online branding division (cease and desist orders & take-down orders) and buy formulating contracts and user agreements for both Forrester™ and it's clients.

General Counsel:

We would like to take this time to prematurely welcome you to the Forrester™ team. We look forward to a long and prosperous career with you here at Forrester™.